22 January, 2010

With My Apologies!

I just realized it has been awhile since I posted anything about gardening! I have been in the process of moving 25 years worth of accumulations from my Poughkeepsie office to my new digs in Kingston. In the process half of my old office is in my car co-mingled with my new office.
That has brought up some interesting scenarios when I checked my desk calendar to see where I am supposed to be to do a garden seminar. Imagine my shock when the calendar was blank. I had checked my new calendar instead of the old one I was still using!
So not so fast with out with the old and in with with the new. Though I have yet to make a mistake writing out checks in 2010 I am still working somewhat in 2009.
Good gardening

06 January, 2010

Adams Seminars Kick Into High Gear This Weekend!

Looking for a reason to get out of the cold? Adams several for you this Saturday and Sunday.
Adams Country School kicks into high gear with cooking and gardening classes. The Culinary Institute of America will be doing a cooking demonstration at 1PM at Adams Poughkeepsie location Saturday January 9th. As part of celebrating The CIA demos Adams and the CIA have teamed up to offer special discounts on the CIA's famous "Boot Camp" cooking events.
The CIA will also be a doing a special cooking demo at Adams Newburgh on Saturday Jan 9th as well at 1PM
I will be doing the ever popular Attracting and Feeding Wild Birds at Adams Kingston store on Saturday Jan 9th at 1PM. Learn through slides how to identify dozens of popular species of birds you can attract to your back yard. Learn what seed attracts what kinds of birds as well as what feeder styles work best for small and large birds alike. 
While squirrels need to eat too they can damage if not destroy your feeder investment. You can "baffle" squirrels and keep them out of your feeding stations!
Finally, if you are looking for something to do this evening, Wed Jan 6th, I will be conducting a seminar on composting. With the trend to fewer landfills, much of what we throw out can be recycled into wonderfully rich soil. Learn how to build your own compost bins, and how to make compost tonight.
Good gardening