26 October, 2008

Jail Time for Brown Lawn?

I am all for a green lawn and nice plantings but the horticulture police have struck in an upscale moronic decision in Florida. The community is the Beacon Woods Civic Association. There they have taken to court and imprisoned a sixty six year old resident who let his front and back yard become brown because he could not afford to fix his sprinklers.Here is what the moronic board president wrote in a letter to the local newspaperThe St Petersburg Times:Dear Editor:"In these hard economic times, our deed restrictions staff works hard with numerous owners to assist them with their need to comply. Our entire board has addressed these issues on a case-to-case basis to enable compassionate resolve acceptable to both parties.................."I have written the board president and the public affairs director about their ridiculous move.Get ready folks.........fiefdoms like these are all over the country and usually start with school boards...........Remember the people on these boards are our neighbors and they are now telling us how to grow our gardens. Imagine what they are doing to our kids in schools!

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