25 January, 2009

Volunteers Need Not Apply

Hey the new prez says we should all volunteer right? Tell that to the gang at Capital District Community Gardens who despite five years of me asking to volunteer have gone out of their way to screw up the membership e-mail list, not return phone calls and go so far as to not give me directions to their site to sort seed packs.

I feel we need to make these so called volunteer do gooders remove themselves from office and let people who really want to create community gardens actually be able to.

Go to www.cdcg.org and look at all the claims of goody two shoe projects.

Then try and volunteer; Be prepared to be pushed aside, ignored along with the broken promises and fake apologies.

Then think hard about the new regime we elected in Washington and around your state, county and hometown. The pseudo Clintonites will ask for your time when all they want is your money.

Too many non profit organizations are there to self serve their board members. They are not community activists. People like the ilk at Capital District Community Gardens are elitists who want nothing of time just your sympathy.

Now get your community organized and start your own community garden.

Greg Draiss

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