24 December, 2009

the night before xmas

T' was the night Before Christmas
And all through the House
Not a Palozzi was stirring
Charlie Rangall was home with his spouse
So off to the Senate
For the vote on a bill
While called health care reform
Has many Americans ill
For such legislation the most monumentous in the land
I did not see claiming victory a Schumer or a Gillibrand
What did I see about a 1/4 past four?
Sarah Palin finishing up her book signing tour.
That's not all she's done since leaving Alaska
She seeks a new home
With free Medicaid perhaps in Nebraska
Or maybe Louisiana with it's gumbo bright vermilion
Can I have another bowl lease for my three hundred million?
Now what about Connecticut with the most millionaires?
Though I find it quite odd
Your vote sold for 100 million
What's up with that Senator Dodd?
Northward to Canada, to Europe and another
Examples of health care provided by Mother
If a government plan works
Let it be run not by ours
Let's hire another
On Mc Cain, On Snow
On Leieberman, Reid and all
Come next November
Dash Away, Dash Away Dash Away all!

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