04 November, 2008

Rodale Shows It's Phony Liberal Colors

Rodale Press the venerable Organic Gardening magazine publisher just announced layoffs totalling 70 workers at it's Emmaus PA HQ. Rodale the long established leader in the organic movement is to organic gardening what Mother Earth News is to off the grid living. One would think with the new emphasis on "green living" would make for great conditions for green businesses like Rodale. However Rodale is a mature business that has rested on it's laurels for a long time. Not resting on laurels in an elite way but let's face it they have not been at the forefront of the organic movement for a long time. How many new gardeners actually have read OG magazine. I have not read it in years because of a ceratin attitude the mag carries about regular synthetic gardeners. I have found their readers to be carrying the cross and wearing it on their shirt sleeves. OG readers act like militant environmentalists and the "gay activists" on every street corner in Greenwich Village. Everyone is entitled to their opinion indeed but I draw the line when I am told I must join the movement in order to save myself and the planet. So good luck to the out of work at Rodale. You must be feeling mighty bitter that the leader in alternative gardening and living has not seen fit to find ways of preserving your jobs like they have telling us to preserve the Earth! The phonies in the management of OG who like other left leaning liberals shows clearly here. They espouse upon us to share the bounty and spread the wealth. But when the rubber hits the road the leadership does not spread the wealth by cutting everyone's salary and benefits so all can remain employed. No, they circle the wagons, protect their own fiefdoms and cut the servants, who have been loyal to the cause for all these years, loose to fend for themselves. Shame on you Rodale for not believing in your commune.

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