22 November, 2009

Don't Stop Gardening Just Because the Sun Went Down at 4

Unusual but fun Pineapple Sage
Lemon Verbena cuttings
Highly aromatic Lavender cuttings
Trays of herbs growing under high a output T5
fluorescent lighting system
As a gardener I just love to play in the dirt. In late November that dirt is pretty cold and ornery to mess with. No worry though. I spent Saturday evening installing a new light system on the other side of my basement grow room. While I have large pots of herbs and chiles growing in a hydroponics system the cuttings you see in the photos above are growing under a T5 fluorescent HO lighting system.
The T5  system I installed is a Sunblaze 44. I will have room for about 250 cuttings/seedlings when I get done with the three level table made out of 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe.

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