25 November, 2009

Seeds From seedlibrary.org Arriving for Holidays

I just finished corresponding with Ken Greene of seedlibrary.org . We will be offering for sale seeds from the library's "Art Pack" series. These seeds are all heirloom varieties with a catchy art themed package. For instance there is a variety of tomato named "New Yorker". The artist designed a label for the pack depicting a road map of the metropolitan NY area.
The seeds will be in Adams Pougheepsiek store in Early December.
In January when Ken finishes the offering of local seeds for 2010 we will have seeds for the Hudson Valley that were grown in the Hudson Valley. The seed library works like a regular library. You borrow seeds from the library. Then you plant the seeds in your garden. After harvesting the "crop" save the seeds from your harvest and return them to the library!
The goal is to establish seed varieties that are accustomed to the growing conditions of the Hudson Valley.
How cool is that?
Pretty cool in my camp since spring is less than 4 months away!
There's some local dirt for you!
Greg Draiss

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