15 February, 2010

Schools Being Told To Make Kids Eat Better? That's a Parents Job!

What really got me thinking was a recent post on Garden Rant which brought up the subject of veggies in school lunches. One contributor wrote that NYS apples were now part of the daily lunch program but half of them ended up in the trash. Yet the trend continues to get schools to FORCE kids to eat healthy.

I have a problem with schools being FORCED to play parental roles. Proper eating habits begin at home. If you want kids to eat their veggies feed them veggies at home. Reinforce this fact at school with nutritional education and perhaps a garden in the school yard.
What a concept! Indoctrinate our kids at home to eat better by growing their food in the back yard. We always forget that kids want to help and want to learn. Look at the smiling faces of kids when they finish a painting, building something out of clay etc. Imagine the joy of kids planting seeds, nurturing a young plant and then reaping the rewards.
I use the word indoctrinate kind of tongue in cheek. But that is what passes on family tradition, morals, and eating habits. Indoctrination is not a bad word! Kids do what their parents do. Use a certain naughty word around the house your kids will too. Our kids still look at us parents for their guidance and we are their role models. If we act as role models that is.
You want healthier kids: grow veggies with them
You want your kids to eat well: you eat well
You want lower health care costs: eat veggies with your kids

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