16 March, 2010

Early Spring Chores to Do his Week in The Hudson Valley (or Anywhere the Weather is Warming)

First off get outside and turn that compost pile! After tossing debris on our pile all winter it is beginning to look like a landfill instead of a compost pile.  Turning and loosening up the unfrozen top sever al inches will bring some of the pile still experiencing winter to the top. Amazing how well insulated the center of the pile is from this weeks warm spell.
Second jump ahead of henbit. Henbit is that awful spreading weed that runs rampant in cooler weather. It has a pretty blue flower but invades lawn areas and loves to creep over and under my raised beds and try to eradicate my strawberry bed. In lawn areas henbit can be eradicated by spraying with Bonide Weed Beater Ultra. Weed Beater Ultra is a tremendous product in that it can be used in temps as low as 45*, the same temp that henbit starts growing at!
Start sowing pepper seeds over the next week. Peppers are slow to get going and benefit from getting started now. Hold off on tomatoes unless you have a great big grow room or humongous  south facing windows.
Mid March is an excellent time to take cuttings of herbs that survived indoors over the winter. Sage, Lavender, Tarragon and, Rosemary all are ripe for making new plants. Spreading herbs such as Thyme, Oregano Chamomile are also good items for DIVIDING into new plants.