03 March, 2010

Garden Police Now Targeting Hydroponic Shops Down Under

Police in Australia are requiring background checks on employees at hydroponic shops. They have not said if they are documenting employees at garden center which sell seed starting equipment and "regular" grow lights.......yet. This is something to keep an eye on. I can see in the future if you live at 420 High Street and have an herb garden in the basement Big Brother will have their eyes on you.
All this scrutiny comes under the guise of "you MAY be up to something". It is now becoming more common for one to prove their innocence instead of the plaintiff proving your guilt. This gives unfair advantage to the plaintiff which is the government with unlimited resources to harass the public.
This is especially concerning because this scrutiny is now being placed on gardeners through regulating water usage and what one can plant, must plant and may not grow in their homes.
New laws have taken effect in South Australia aimed at cracking down on hydroponic cannabis crops.
The legislation targets sellers of hydroponic equipment, with staff required to submit to character checks.
 Police Minister Michael Wright says people who cultivate cannabis are the target, including bike gang members.
"The new laws are an Australian first. From today, well there'll be a transitional period of three months but you'll need to apply to the Police Commissioner for a licence to operate," he said.
"In part it is certainly aimed at bike gangs because the evidence is there that they are involved in the hydroponic cultivation of large quantities of cannabis.

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