24 August, 2010

Join Me in Bringing a New Slow Food Chapter to the area

I know you like to garden because you read my little blog. I know you like to eat for the same reasons as well. Well how about going a step further and bring the ulimate foodie/locavore project a little closer to home?
Do you like, no love: fresh food, healthy food, homegrown food, sharing your love of same?
Read on then:

As I wrote a few days ago, I was very impressed by the the talk of slow Food USA's Joshua Viertel talk at the IGC in Chicago last week. Currently there is a chapter for the lower Hudson Valley, Saratoga and western Catskills but nothing for the always overlooked area of the upper Hudson Valley Greene/Columbia counties. I would add Northern Ulster, Northern Dutchess as well as southern Albany and Rennsalaer counties as well.
I am testing the waters to see if there is any interest in forming a chapter for this region. Several unique traits to the region:
1) A lot of poor rural and inner city (Hudson, Catskill) residents that could benefit from the slow food idea
2) Substantial number of  second home owners who seek fine local food at restaurants,  
3) Large talent base of professionals who live in the area to provide pool of talent to head up a chapter.
4) Greene/Columbia counties often overlooked as to being "members of the Hudson Valley or Capital Region
5) Large tracts of operating farmland to draw from
6) Potential huge win/win for the local grower and the local eater 
I am committed to do doing this over the next fewl months.
If you are interested please contact me a gsdraiss@aol.com

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