08 April, 2010

Get those Seedlings Outside

With the recent warm spell about to end I hope you have had your seedlings outside like I have. For almost a week two dozens Marjoram seedlings joined their leggy partners, Summer Savory on the the front walk. The front walk gets a good dose of morning sun until early afternoon. After that the fresh air bathes the seedlings until sundown. The only damage I have incurred was on my year old Lemon Lerbena. Lemon Verbena is a Mediterranean woody herb. Mine did not like a forty degree night last week and got some burnt leaves.
It is hard to know if we will continue to have above average temps. By Friday things are supposed to return to normal. However just in case growing weather stays around your seedlings will benefit from 1) the warm sun 2) fresh air 3) real light and 4) be ready to stay out should the weather remain conducive to growing.
Those seedlings and any potted plants placed outside will need a good feeding right about now. I am using a couple of new fertilizers from General Hydroponics. Both are organic, one formulated fore blooming the other for greening. Too early to tell how well they are working. Both are suited for container gardening and in ground gardens. I do not recommend them for recirculating systems as they are quite viscous and are almost certain to clog tubing.
So what do you have to lose? Nothing.....just remember to place tender plants like basil, bay etc on the porch on colder evenings and bring everything in when the weatherman calls for frost. On average we have a chance of frost for the next five weeks and a 30% chance of frost until Memorial Day. 

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