09 April, 2010

Simply Bad Advice

 "......... buy seedlings already in flower (and some with marble-size fruit). " This is the quote I found in my e-mail this morning from a big box store gardening newsletter. Needless to say the article was written by someone who does not work directly for the company and not a gardening expert. To tell customers to seek out tomato plants already in flower with marble size fruit in early April is absurd. Any tomato plant in flower now, unless in a very large container, is most likely pushed too hard, spindly and so stressed out at producing flowers it will not survive transplanting stress.
We still have potential of frost in the north east for another five weeks with an outside chance of frost for another seven weeks.
Yes tomato plants in four or six packs will be seen in stores wth flowers on them.......in late June when the prime planting season is over with.

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