26 April, 2010

Wholesome Cracker Spurs Home Farming Movement

Say what you want about corporate green washing. In many cases green washing is a marketing crime. But can a major household brand name properly introduce and even encourage back yard farms across the nation. Consider that going it alone and attemptingto establish a brand name will cost you six million dollars. That is a lot of money with no promise of any ROI. Six million dollars can but a lot of plants, soil, and tools for a lot of community gardens
Enter Triscuits from Kraft. Triscuits, the much loved little wheat cracker is joining  the home farming movement by enclosing plantable "cards" in Triscuit boxes. The cards have seeds already in them. Just place in the garden or a pot and water.
At first thought you may wonder what Kraft is up to. Are they using their name on a famous brand of cracker to say they are actually  small town folks? I think not. I think the folks who get hooked on gardening, especially kids, are not going to buy more crackers. I think the promotion benefits both Kraft and future gardeners. Kraft gets some good PR, a lot of web site write ups already, the garden inudusry gets a plethora of new customers, and the new gardeners get  wholesome homegrown food.
Here is some more information from Triscuits home farming web site:
In an attempt to help Americans celebrate the values of simple goodness found on farms and encourage the growing of fresh herbs and vegetables at home no matter where you live, Triscuit has launched the Home Farming Movement in collaboration with the non-profit organization Urban Framing. Together, Triscuit and Urban Farming plan to create 50 community-based home farms across the country in 2010 in order to connect communities through growing food together. 
To help get this fantastic program off the ground, Triscuit is putting plantable herbs seed cards in four million boxes of Triscuit crackers to be grown on home farms in backyards and balconies.  This spring proves ideal for incorporating home growing values into your family's life. Head to the Triscuit Home Farming Movement Web site, www.triscuit.com/homefarming, for more information on how you can start your own home farm or get involved in the Movement.

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