23 May, 2010

New Farmers/Gardeners Market in Gardiner?

I really like this idea......not just a market for farmers but gardeners as well. Now you have no excuse for not having a home for excess squash, cherry tomatoes etc.
A group of Gardiner residents are starting a new farm market hosted by the Gardiner Library.  The market will be every Friday from 4pm -8pm.  We are looking for gardeners that may have more produce than they need or small farms that would like to join us.  Even is you have more rhubarb than you ever need or too much garlic and only want to sell one thing let us know.  It is fun to participate and share in the excitement of growing locally. 
We also want to have workshops on growing,composting, cooking, preserving...and many other wonderful things about food..... so if you are passionate about one and would like to have a workshop at the market let us know.
Contact them through Hudson Valley Network  www.hvfoodnetwork.com

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