17 May, 2010

Relax....It's OK Not to Grow Every Kind of Everything

There are forty varieties of basil grown for commercial/horticulture use. There are 40,000 registered varieties of daylilies and three thousand kinds of tulips.
I am clueless to the all the totals on thyme, oregano let alone tomatoes. All these differing fruits, vegetables and herbs is enough to drive someone mad and make them give up gardening.
I became a victim of the cooking craze. I read cook books and hardly ever used the information gleaned from them. Why? I looked at all the great recipes and said if I cannot do all of them then I will do none of them. Sound familiar? Have you ever looked at an overwhelming owners manual to a digital camera, computer program etc and just give up?
Don't worry it's OK to be hokey again! Just look at most You Tube videos to find out. I have four tomato plants in my garden.........all of them Early Girl. Ready in 60 days. A tried and true almost heirloom, I think the new term is mid-century modern for almost but not quite antique but not null either.
I grow one kind of basil, one kind of cucumber, one kind of egg plant and one kind of sweet pepper. The reason? I only own a half acre of land. I am the only one who really cares for the gardens, I have other things to do besides garden, and I love to garden! But most of all I realize it is impossible to grow all these new things that come along. This does not mean
I never grow new things or new old things. I just do them one at a time.
Now as for Chile peppers.....................that's a different story!

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